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1 Ball 14 mm Big hole(4)
2 Ball 20 mm Big hole(4)
3 Barrel Big hole(2)
4 Bead 14mm(20)
5 Bead 20mm(29)
6 Bead 26mm(29)
7 Calabrote 20mm.(10)
8 Calabrote 35mm.(10)
9 Cylinder Big hole(2)
10 Disk 25 mm.(19)
11 Disk 40 mm.(19)
12 Hoop(6)
13 Oval 28x20mm(20)
14 Oval 30x40mm(20)
15 Rhomb 25 mm.(10)
16 Rhomb 35 mm.(10)

RESIGEM this in the market by means of Lobelisc, unique distributor exclusively of the resin of new generation formed by powder of the one mineral and variety of different resins together to high temperatures that form the tonalities and textures of the natural stone.

RESIGEM with their variety of sizes and an appreciable size that it will allow making combinations and designs that due to the weight of the natural stone not serious possible.