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1 Amethyst Geodes Giant(7)
2 Amethyst Geodes Rings(10)
3 Amethyst Druses(51)
4 Amethyst Geodes(13)
5 Aquamarine(8)
6 Beryl(0)
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12 Druses Citrine(0)
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14 Larimar(1)
15 Quartz(2)
16 Topaz(0)
17 Tourmaline(2)
18 Xilopal(1)

Ref : turm-verde2
Weight : 69.40 g.
Size : 75 x35 mm.
Special piece, perfect crystallization colour and brilliance perfects
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Green Tourmaline
This stone is found in a extraordinary range of colours, one of the most extensive in the mineral world. The most common colour is black, but there are also purplish pinks and reds, yellows, a variety of greens, blues or a combination of these colours; and very occasionally colourless.

High quality gems have no inclusions, with the exception of rubelites, which often have frost-like reflection full off liquid gas, mica veins and little parallel tubes. When these tubes are dense a cabochon cut heightens the attractive shot-colour ( one example being the cats eye tourmaline ).

Rubelite is a variety of tourmaline whose colour ranges from pink to red. The colour varies from a more or less intense pink to a rather beautiful bright red ( a little inferior to the Ruby ), pink or purplish pink or brownish red. Gemstones with more intense colours are the most highly valued

They are found in Siberia, Birmania, Sri Lanka, Brazil, the US and Madagascar.

Green Tourmaline

The green Tourmaline covers a wide range of tones and intensities, from yellowish green ( similar to certain Peridots); pale green ( similar to Zircons); dark green ( similar to the African Emerald); and bright green, slightly colder than the Emerald.

For greens Tourmalines the cuts can be rectangular, step, tear drop or oval and mixed cut for larger sized stones.

The main sources of this type of Tourmaline are Brazil, The US, Tanzania, Mozambique and Namibia.

Only stones of a very bright, intermediate colour are relatively expensive.


This is the blue vanity of Tourmaline. The colour can be more or less intense, even dark, inky blue or bluish green.

Mixed faceted cuts are normally used for these stones, although occasionally step cuts in rectangular contour are used.

This mineral is found in Brazil, The US, Namibia, Madagascar and the former Soviet Union.

When the stones are of a particulary beautiful shade of blue or blue-green, they are a highly valued as Rubelites.

Rare examples

There are some banded crystals, known as watermelon tourmalines, which have fine, concentric banding with a red interior and green exterior, and which come mainly from
Brazil. Others, know as bicolour tourmalines, display transverse banding where the crystal has one colour at one end which changes gradually to another at the other.