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1 Amethyst Geodes Giant(7)
2 Amethyst Geodes Rings(10)
3 Amethyst Druses(51)
4 Amethyst Geodes(13)
5 Aquamarine(8)
6 Beryl(0)
7 Blende(1)
8 Blue-carmel Amber(1)
9 Cianite(0)
10 Copper(1)
11 Damburite(0)
12 Druses Citrine(0)
13 Fluorite(0)
14 Larimar(1)
15 Quartz(2)
16 Topaz(0)
17 Tourmaline(2)
18 Xilopal(1)

Ref : AmaAn03
Weight : 5140 g.
Size : 270 x 230 mm.
Ref AmaAn03 Ring of Geode Amethyst quality A of size higt 27 cms x wide 23 cms and weight 5,14 kg
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Amethyst Geodes Rings
A variety of purple Quartz of more or less intense colour.
The Amethyst is, without doubt, the most appreciate type of Quartz.

It possesses a hardness of 7 a weight Ispecify of 2,65

The colours, which form eye-catching bands and marks, are a distinctive feature.

The most appreciated examples of Amethyst come from Brazil and Uruguay. There are also Amethysts from the US, Madagascar, the Former Soviet Union, India, Australia, South Africa and other countries. Beautiful crystals have been found in Almeria and Sierra Nevada in Spain.